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2017 Hall of Fame Awards

by | Nov 6, 2018

Rewardsco recognises the top Agents and Junior Managers each year for their outstanding service and contributions.

Nhlanhla Nkosi (Agent)

My story starts in 2012, when I was unemployed for 4 full years. I was referred to Rewardsco by a friend. I did not know much about selling, but when I was given the opportunity, I knew I had to work hard and prove myself. The thought of being unemployed for so many years before joining Rewardsco is what drives me, and I am amazed that I developed my skills in such little time. I was astonished at winning the Top Agent award in 2017, and overwhelmed that I was being recognised for my hard work and effort. My journey with Rewardsco has been an incredible one. Rewardsco has really made me a better person. I have gained so much of knowledge over the last two years, not to mention my many awards, the biggest being the 2017 Hall of Fame Top Agent award. I really feel I have achieved what I set out to do, and now I can pass on this valuable knowledge to others wanting to prosper.

Shaziyah Adam (Agent)

Being one of the top agents on the Hall of Fame in 2017 was indeed a goal I set for myself when I joined Rewardsco. I am like one of the two mice that fell in a jar of butter – the one gave up and drowned, but the other ran until the butter was formed and then climbed out. Never give up when faced with adversity. Never quit. I’m proud of my achievements and have indeed been rewarded. I look forward to achieving much more. As my mentor Treshan Clarman taught me, success is the product of hard work, commitment and dedication. To achieve success, one needs to be highly focused and self-motivated.

Winfrida Bhengu (Agent)

Winning this award really came as a surprise to me because I only started working here in May, last year. However, I feel blessed and honoured to be recognized as one of Rewardsco’s top achievers for 2017. Special thanks go out to my Junior Manager, Julian Govindhu, for bringing out the best in me. Rewardsco is my home away from home, and I look forward to another fantastic year.

Sumisha Ramcharan (Junior Manager)

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is one of the greatest achievements of my career thus far. All the support that I received from my colleagues has only made me want to achieve more. Thanks to Rewardsco for recognising hard work and giving credit to their top-performing employees. There is only one way to achieve an award of this stature, and that is a burning desire for success.

Roxane Thanthoni (Junior Manager)

I was filled with immense joy to hear that I achieved Hall of Fame status for 2017. To be recognised as one of Rewardsco’s best employees is truly humbling, considering that 2017 was challenging for me in more ways than one. I have learned that it may be easier to quit when you fall, but there’s so much redemption in rising up, learning from your mistakes and using the knowledge you’ve gained to better yourself and those around you. Thank you to my army of “Rox Stars” for always believing in me. My advice is to never give up on your vision, pursue your dreams and work diligently towards your goals.

Vinothan Chetty (Junior Manager)

It is truly a blessing to be recognised for what you love to do, especially because I am passionate about working with people. The culture at Rewardsco helped me work towards this achievement with my team, who have made this award possible. All of the hurdles we faced in 2017 makes this award even more special, because it proves that keeping your head up, no matter what, will always pay off in the end. Thank you Rewardsco for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my passion and do what I love to do.

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