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Success Stories


Our culture is the DNA of Rewardsco. Think of it as the foundation on which our business is built.

Mbalenhle Maphoshe

“I started working at Rewardsco in June 2016 as a sales agent and quickly became a top agent in my team. By December, my destiny started changing. A position for a Junior Manager became available. I was afraid to apply at first because I feared the unknown, but when I finally applied in January 2017, I was promoted to Junior Manager on the Telkom Voice Campaign, becoming the first black female to fulfil this role. It was a wonderful and scary experience managing a team of agents, but we excelled through hard work, passion and dedication. Thereafter, I was one of the Junior Managers who successfully started dual shifts and also launched an effective Facebook campaign. It’s just been blessing after blessing. Rewardsco has shown me my true potential and allowed me to spread my wings. In July 2018, I achieved another milestone when I was promoted to General Manager, once again becoming the first black female to be promoted to this position. Words can’t begin to express my gratitude to God and Rewardsco. I am really looking forward to my future and bigger things to come.”

Charlotte Pillay

“I joined the Rewardsco family in February 2015. Rewardsco has not only given me an incredible opportunity for growth, but also a home away from home. And, let’s not forget the awesome incentives and commission structures. Working here has allowed me to accomplish so many things I never imagined possible due to financial circumstances. I was able to pay for my studies, buy my first car and refurbish my home with the commission I have made working here. As a Junior Manager, my priority is to show people how Rewardsco can change their lives, like it has changed mine. I want to be a role model and a mentor to my agents and help them unlock their true potential.”

Felicia Msane

“I joined the Rewardsco family on the 6th of February 2017. Rewardsco has become my home away from home, and a place of real happiness. The company treats their employees with care, and the management team is great. My biggest success story at Rewardsco was unlocking my agent benefits within my first 3 months and being promoted to a Junior Manager position one year later. I am completely grateful for this opportunity. I believe the sky is the limit. I want to reach the next level as a Junior Manager by December 2018, and groom all my agents to reach a higher level as well.”

Ilona Stephen

“I joined Rewardsco in March 2016. What makes Rewardsco so special is that, when you walk through the door, you are walking into a family atmosphere rather than just a business. My home was totally destroyed during a recent flood, but I was given the opportunity to unlock my benefits and join the Make Me a Manager Programme, which allowed me to be promoted to Junior Manager and earn more money. I strive every day in my new role to be the best that I can be for myself and for the people around me. I hope to empower my fellow agents to be the best in this ever-growing industry.”

Jasper Padayachi

“I joined Rewardsco in August 2015. The most special things in Rewardsco are the people and the way the higher management team always try to please and improve the lives of their agents. I’m living my biggest success story right now by becoming a Junior Manager in the business. Another highlight was when I was chosen to go on a yacht cruise with the directors of the company for showing the most improvement as an agent. The thing I want to accomplish most in my new role is becoming the top JM in my sector within the next 6 months, and getting my agents to platinum status.”

Daileen Govender

“I joined Rewardsco in October 2016. I felt right at home in Rewardsco compared to other places at which I’ve worked. I knew I wanted to grow within this company from my first day here. My biggest success story so far was when a new agent joined the team and wasn’t able to make any sales. I took it upon myself to coach and motivate the agent, who is now a platinum agent. To become a Junior Manager, you need to be able to lead by example. I believe any good leader must be able to practise what they preach, have good communication skills and the ability to effectively motivate their team. Always love your people!”

Jemaine Dhookee

“I joined Rewardsco on the 27th of January 2015. Rewardsco has delivered in all their promises and continue to develop staff by offering more opportunities to internal employees instead of recruiting externally. Rewardsco has played a pivotal role in changing my life. My biggest success story so far is my promotion to Junior Manager in a short space of time after completing the Make Me a Manager Programme.”

Junaid Mohammed

“My journey at Rewardsco started in March 2009 when I became a Sales Agent on the Vodacom Campaign. I made the first sale on this campaign in a team of 12 Agents. Today we are Vodacom’s Number One Trade partner with over 200 agents on the Vodacom campaigns. Through hard work and dedication, I became a Junior Manager and was then promoted to General Manager. I am proof that our company is a “People First” business. Through this journey of mine I always live by our company values: Customer Service, Trust, Respect, Honesty, Quality, Efficiency, Professionalism, Teamwork, Enthusiasm and Fun.”

Treshan Clarman

“The 31st of October 2009 was the day my fate changed. From humble beginnings as an introverted Sales Agent, I was given the opportunity to grow, not only within Rewardsco but also as an individual. Having people who truly care to unlock your full potential is the reason I’m still here. The skills, knowledge and experience I’ve gained at Rewardsco are priceless and today I am a General Manager. Rewardsco has not only impacted my life but also my family’s as we are able to live a better lifestyle. My advice is that you can either be a person who lets his circumstances affect him or be a person that affects his circumstances.”

Grazio Beedesi

“I joined Rewardsco way back in July 2009 and for me it’s the simple things I hold close that make mine a success story. Since joining Rewardsco, I have grown as an individual. Rewardsco is enthusiastic about developing their people and I am now able to perform at my true potential, to identify my strengths and work on improving areas to help me grow within the company. I’m now one of the General Managers at Rewardsco, and this comes as a result of hard work and dedication. One of the things I learnt from working here is: “You need to constantly work on improving yourself. If you’re not doing something to improve yourself every day, you’re not going to reach your goals.”

Enver Moodley

“My life changed for the better in January 2009 when I started my exciting career as an Agent in the most incredible Call Centre. Would I change a thing? NEVER! It’s been one hell of a ride. Every day has been filled with life-changing highs, and some lows – which have certainly been outweighed by the highs. I progressed to Junior Manager and through dedication, hard work and great leaders, every dream has come true; especially my promotion to General Manager. Rewardsco has given me the opportunity to make my AND my family’s dreams a reality. I am a true example of the company I work for.”

William Govender

“I joined Rewardsco in 2012 as an agent. What stood out were the professionalism and work standards of the business. I have never seen another Call Centre do it like Rewardsco; we are truly number one! We believe our people come first and pride ourselves in up-skilling and unleashing the true potential of each employee. Rewardsco has unlocked all the talent within me, as today I am a General Manager. The most important lesson I’ve learned from Rewardsco is that dedication, commitment and discipline is key to one’s success. A word to my colleagues; “Falling down is how we grow, staying down is how we die. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make it happen.”

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