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Training will begin on your first day at Rewardsco. When you arrive at Rewardsco, remember to tell the staff at Reception that you are starting training and they will direct you accordingly. Depending on your current experience, skill level and the campaign to which you are assigned, the training period will range from 14 to 17 days and includes customised product, systems, sales and practical on-the-job training to help you unlock your full potential. Believe or not, we’ll even pay you for sales made from Day 1 during the training cycle, provided you meet the overall training and sales targets. There’s also plenty of other opportunities to grow and be rewarded within the business through our customised talent development programmes, performance-based incentives and certificates.

On your first day of training, please bring along the following:

  • Original ID.
  • Bank statement.
  • SARS tax number.

When you arrive at Rewardsco, proceed to Reception on the Ground Floor and inform them that you are here to start training.

Training Courses for Sales Agents

  • Induction Training
  • Customised Product & Systems Training 
  • Targeted Sales Training 
  • Work Readiness Training 
  • Continuous Coaching and Development Programmes 
  • NQF Learnership Programmes –SAQA aligned

Training Courses for Junior Managers

  • Back 2 Basics for Managers
  • NQF 4 & 5 Generic Management (SAQA)
  • Junior Management Coaching and Development

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